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Pitch Pro didn’t want to just make another pitching mound, we wanted to make a quality piece of equipment with the pitcher in mind. With our uniquely contoured design, pitchers will be able to throw strikes and perform sneaky pick-off moves with confidence. Our angle of decline (slope) towards home plate comes directly from the MLB rulebook. No matter the mound height, your pitcher will be throwing downhill at the recommended angle.
All of our mounds have regulation rubbers (6”X24”) that have been integrated with the mound.
Model 8121
Amateur? You bet! Pitch Pro portable mounds and platforms have been designed by the same engineers that have designed equipment for the NBA and equipment used during the Olympics for Gymnastics. A Pitch Pro mound will be able to withstand just about anything competitive baseball can throw at them. If researched design, proven quality and competitive price are important, look no further than Pitch Pro!
Benefits include:
  • Low Cost
  • Delivery time
  • Gradual Contoured Edges and Rear
  • MLB Recommended Pitching Slope
  • Removable Pitching Rubbers
  • Highest Grade Turfs Available
  • UV Stabilized Materials
Under the Mounds

Launch Pad
You spoke...we listened. We have heard time and time again that the pitching mound turf tears in front of the pitching rubber. Why hasn't anyone ever addressed this issue? Good Question. So we did. Pitch Pro is releasing the new Launch Pad that is now being installed on all models of our mounds and platforms. The Launch Pad is a special rubber composite that is placed in front of and under the pitching rubber. Pitchers have been using this new pad and the feedback is fantastic. We have been repeatedly told from pitchers that they are getting a better push off the mound when using the Launch Pad. Save your turf and your repair efforts with the Launch Pad™!

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